This is our site about the drug, Opium that Kevin and I researched about for our drug project for Health Class. The Opium poppy is considered the “grandfather” of opiates because they all come from the Opium poppy. Opiates are drugs that contain Opium and its derivatives.

Opium is basically the white latex obtained from the seed pod of the Opium poppy. Once it is dried it could be smoked or eaten. What is special about this drug is that Opium is used to make many other drugs including Heroin and Morphine.

Opium has many street names, some that are the most commonly used are,

  • Tar
  • O.P
  • Block
  • Big O
  • Brown/black stuff

I wrote the following pages and designed and organized the site as well as uploaded all the pictures.

  • The History of Opium (Also includes the people who found/grew it)
  • What Is Inside Opium?
  • Where Are The Drugs Grown?

Kevin wrote

  • Long Term Effects Of Opium
  • Short Term Effects Of Opium
  • Why People Would Take The Drug
  • When the Effects First Occur
  • How Opium Is Taken

I edited Kevin’s pages as best as I could as I cannot understand what Kevin is writing due to his atrocious grammar. šŸ˜† (not joking)

Make sure to read all the pages for information about this puzzling drug. Just click them on the right side or the top of the site. Mr. T, please explore the site and read the pages like The History of Opium and How Opium is taken. Read all pages thoroughly before grading them.Ā 

Here is our Bibliography


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