Long Term Effects Of Opium

By: Kevin

The long term effects of taking opium, is wanting more of the drug in order to get the equal pleasurable effect as taken on the first time of usage , or scientific terms the effects of euphoria. People who inject opium can have damaged veins, and higher the chances of contaminating the parts of the heart, by a large amount. People who smoke, or take in the drug, will have their important body organs quickly get destroyed, also it is impossible for the liver, and kidneys to not get damaged no matter how it is eaten, or smoked. Victims can also expect to get massive damage to the lungs, and brain when it comes to long term effects. Opium on the body in a long term effect could bring the body into needing the drug, and relying on the drug. The body would want more of the enjoyable effects of opium that come in short term effects (euphoric, also known as happiness) therefore finding drugs to get the same euphoric effects. The body would want more of the drug, otherwise known as addiction.

If the user has quit the drug, or lower the time he or she uses the drug, even for just a few hour, then there is a chance that he or she would face withdrawal symptoms. The effects are  probably agonizing, and could last for a period of time. The time for how long it can last depends on the usage, and quantity of the drug used. The effects can be nausea, tearing, yawning, chills, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and sweating. These effect can also be considered as “ Cold Turkey” the effect is to be considered to hurt a lot. The other effects the user could feel is pain in the bones and muscles, pain in the back, diarrhea, clammy skin, becoming frail, higher blood pressure, not having a lot of water in the system, lack of nutrients, mood swings and thoughts of suicide. The effects hurt a lot, and some people use opium just to get rid of the agony of the withdrawal symptoms. The effects could last for months, this can bring agonizing pain to the user who is addicted. Opium has a lot of side effect, and is illegal in many countries.  Opium should be taken seriously, because of the horrible effects.


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