What Does Opium Look Like And How Is It Distributed?

The drug, opium is usually brown, or black, and is usually the shape of a rectangular prism when processed. The feel of opium is almost like tar. Opium is extracted from a poppy called Papaver somniferum L, also known as the opium poppy. When opium is legally grown, farmers would grind up poppies to mere poppies stems from this they would make morphine, codeine, and thebaine legally.

When opium is illegally grown, farmers would slice the opium pod that is not mature yet, and a white liquid will come out. After, the liquid would harden, and the colour would change from white to black or brown. Farmers would collect the black or brown substance from the plants. Then the substance is leave to be dried out, soon after it would become a gluey like substance, this is unrefined opium. Opium could be distributed in this state, or it can be simmered with water  in a fabric to remove impurities, and to make it more pure. The cooked opium can last forever. It can also be changed to morphine, where it can be made into heroin. The opium poppy can be distributed and made into a wide selection of drugs. (morphine, codeine, thebaine, opium, and heroin) The cycle of the poppy, is seed, then flower, then pod, where the opium is taken out, then it is distributed into other drugs. Opium does not look very pleasant, and opium is often distributed in a black, or brown, gluey rectangular prism, or in powder form.


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