Where Is Opium Grown?


The Opium poppy can be grown in a wide variety of places and locations. It is a plant the grows annually which means it grows back every year. It is a native plant to Southeast Europe and Western Asia, however it has also been introduced to North and South America.

The best time of the year to grow Opium is in the Spring or Fall. They are very tough plants so they can’t survive the harsh weather of Winter if planted in the Fall. The Opium poppy can grow to around one meter tall and blooms and flowers after ninety days of growth. After it stays like that for a couple of weeks before the petals drop. After the petals drop it reveals a pod which contains the latex. The pod would be later carefully incised in by a special instrument to draw the latex out which would become Opium upon drying. This can be done up five times.

The major legal Opium growing countries in the world are India, Turkey, and Australia in the state of Tasmania. The countries that grow the most illegal Opium are Pakistan, Burma, Thailand, and Afghanistan, which is also the world’s top supplier of Opium. Opium can also be grown in places like Mexico and Columbia.

Afghanistan accounts to over 90% of the world’s grown Opium. Although the Taliban has banned Opium poppy cultivation in 2001, after they were ousted out of power, the production of Opium has steadily risen until they were the world’s total largest Opium producers. Even though the Taliban banned Opium before, they are still profiting from the trade in Afghanistan.

Australia is one of the biggest producers of legal Opium and opiates if not the biggest. The Opium grown in Tasmania, Australia is bought by the pharmaceutical market to be turned into medicinal drugs like morphine. The Opium crop brings Tasmania millions of dollars every year and is an important industry for the island.

In many countries and places, growing Opium is illegal including Canada, Just recently, some people were arrested by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for growing a huge Opium field in British Columbia.

Opium can be grown almost everywhere on Earth provided that the conditions are suitable for growing any sort of plant. It can be grown from far and distant places such as Afghanistan and Australia to even your own backyard! The Opium poppy is a beautiful plant on the outside but on the inside, that is a different story.


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